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Paulina Swan Banska
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Being a Mom is easy.
Being a Working Woman is easy.
Being a Working Mom is challenging but possible.

As my Chinese doctor told me, there are two types of women. One is more Yin-oriented, and the second Yang oriented. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In contrast, Yin is the receptive and Yang with the active principle. Some moms on maternity leave like to care about the house, cook, make everything in order, and other groups of moms open their business and do many different things in one day, which causes chaos and stress.

I am 100% Yang oriented…

How do you get new ideas fast and easy?

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There are just too many things to do and little free time for what we would like to do. The opposite paradox is that even there is time but not a very productive day to get creative ideas. In both ways, we are just stuck in space and time slots.

I am running my own business, and I am on maternity with a nine months old baby. I also look after my dad with health issues. Sometimes I have thought if humans don't need to eat and instead of food, we would take only pills as astronauts in the cosmos…

Key to become successful in sales.

Who would you trust more?

Picture #1?
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Picture #2?

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What about if your cold emails would have positive feedback and a high conversion rate?

It is possible.

For the last three years, since I started to use my method, I received 100% positive feedback with a 40% conversion rate. I am not saying that it is only one and ultimate way of making sales, but it works for my clients and me.

The drill is to get new leads, turn them first to the warm leads, then prospects, customers, and long-term clients.
Uh! Exhausting, challenging, complicated, waste of time. …

“Is it you? “

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

But let’s not blame you. Blame your mind, which is thinking more than is necessary.
Does it also happen to you that your preparation for action takes longer than the act itself? Sometimes I can do so much work for 30 minutes than for 2 hours. And to be honest, I am getting tired of working slowly, overthinking from all sites while watching others make their dreams come true.

Then one discussion on Clubhouse opened my eyes. There was a therapist from Czech with 16K followers on Facebook. I was curious about her strategy, so I “raised my hand” and…

How to change a prospect to a customer?

Illustration by Zuzana Bartova, Wildflower for concept swan

“I am sorry, but we are overload with other projects which we have prioritized. In case of later need, I will contact you.”

“I am sorry, but there is no need for your product at this stage.”

And I can go on and on and on. And this is the better scenario; most of the time, people do not respond at all. They ignore your existence and efforts.

“Everyone occasionally misses an email. But if you’re habitually “too busy” to answer legitimate emails, there’s a problem with your process. It sends a signal that you’re disorganized — or that you…

They lunch together and prepare food together at work.
They are interested in each other.
They talk a lot and are natural, without worrying about what others think of them.

I also learned another important thing from the Vietnamese.


Fearless to do business regardless of their capital. They can make the most of their environment. Even their options are poor.

I decided to start a concept swan. It took me years, almost a decade.
“I can’t even think about why so long?” … “well, that doesn’t excuse me at all” …..

My friend Loan graduated from college and worked…

Step by step guide.

Are you thinking of opening your own online business?

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Offer can include your service or education, or both.

After 14 years of experience in sales and business development as an employee and contractor, I decided to go to my online service.

Before I describe specific steps, I would like to highlight that you should have a proof track of your experiences and education to become a consultant or educator.

I have been attacking with adverts on social media, offering me webinars, courses in marketing, or sales topics. I attended a few (for curiosity), and the knowledge I learned was a…

And this did not happen because of Covid-19 or the dire situation on the market, or poor sales effort.

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

The idea for a new product the company decided to launch was cool. It was an innovative solution to the old existing technology.
Even secondary market research on this product was bright. The general market prediction was 2 billion users from 2017 to 3,8 billion in 2020.
The competition was low, with just a few significant players. None of us had the product ready to launch. There were only rumors, lots of talking about it; everyone excited waited patiently till we all launch it. The market seemed to be ready, and prospects funnel as well.

This kind of situation can…

Paulina Swan Banska

I help companies and ordinary people to increase sales and save years of work by going in the wrong direction.

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